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"Illegal Instruction"

I'm doing a stage 3 install of gentoo (maybe that's my first mistake :P) and i've been having problem after problem after problem with it.

Partitioning and formatting are both smooth and painless, mounting pretty much the same (stupid -ext3 lol), untarring the stage works perfect (tar -xjvpf stage3-whatever)

i unpacked the portage snapshot and copied over the distfiles from the cd...ok...copied over resolv.conf, modified my cflags to my liking (-O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -march=athlon-xp) mounted proc on the to-be drive and then chrooted...

this is where it gets ugly...
i'd consider myself a gentoo novice - and i have a fairly good idea what's going on, but i got errors like "#ifndef is not closed" or whatever that gcc error was when compiling my kernel...along with something stupid like an "else" spelled "elwe" in one of my sound driver sources at some point, which after re-emerging the kernel it never happened again...but ok...enough about what happened and what i've done - i got my kernel to step
# emerge syslog-ng
Illegal instruction

so i tried to env-update..i probably forgot to...
# env-update
Illegal instruction

Just so everybody knows, I'm running an Athlon-xp 3200, 512RAM, 80gig HD, nvidia geforce4MX and i'm trying to install 2005.0 (i had worse luck with 2004.2)

i don't have a burner to get 2005.1, cuz its on the computer i'm trying to make work :P i know the 2005.0 cd i have is good because i installed the same thing at work...and its working beautifully...or course that was quite a while ago.

I appreciate any response

erm? can anybody tell me what's going on? i'm running a memtest right'll see if that's it...i DID get a new module knows..

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update: okay, i can get it to boot on its own, but i don't have internet...i should have everything needed, i follwed the instructions from the manual as i usually do...hmm :S

update: i have internet now, but i can't emerge anything other than sync :S and even that i'm afraid will segfault or something when it gets to the end part (the metadata stuff i think it is..meh)
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