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KDE/Gentoo/ALSA Argggghh!

I've been using various varieties of Linux for a few years now, but mostly only on servers, so this (sound) hasn't really come up before, and this is also my first Gentoo install (I used to use SuSE):

Sound is up and running using ALSA in the kernel. When I type
madplay -v /some/file.mp3

It plays the file just fine.

But only from the command line. No KDE desktop sounds, no juK, no nothing running under KDE. I assume something is wrong with this aRts thing. But I know nothing of any of this; I've gotten this far (to "it plays from the command line") with incantations I found online, but I don't really know what I'm doing here. I've realized, in doing this Gentoo install, how much I've relied on the SuSE setup tools..I really don't know as much about what I'm doing as I thought I did.

Any help?
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