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hey all ... newb in the house.

so i'm pretty much a total linux newb ... i have given it a go a few times but can never get my wireless card to work (belkin f5d6050v2) - my friend is a keen gentoo user and told me to give it a go .. and that you can get my card to work.

so started sunday, and today i am just waiting on KDE, XFCE4 and Open Office to finish emerging so i can restart my laptop.

Has anyone had any exeperiences with the Belkin-F5D6050v2 card? I am trying to go with this method, but I don't know howto start/stop services without having to restart my whole laptop ;)
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Simple, really. the /etc/init.d holds all the init scripts and you can access these directly. For example:

root@apricot:> /etc/init.d/ restart (other arguments include stop and start)

would do exactly that. It would force the init script to be re-read (this is done automatically at boot time) and therefore would restart your network interface. Were you to use the 'stop' argument, you would stop that network interface, and lose connectivity.

HTH, Jamie.